Since 1999, the Regional Government of Navarre has had an office representing the interests of the foral region before European Union institutions.

The Foral Region of Navarre began operating in Brussels in October 1993 when it signed an advisory services agreement with the Belgian consulting firm Irelco. Later on, in March 1995, the now-extinguished company SODEXNA, Sociedad de Desarrollo Exterior de Navarra (S.L.) was set up. And finally, in February 1999, the Government of Navarre Delegation in Brussels was constituted.

Currently, the Navarre Permanent Office to the European Union has the mission of representing, defending and promoting the interests of the autonomous region before European Union institutions. Its main objective is to make it easier for the foral government to open up to Europe and do the same for companies, SMEs, public corporations, technology centres, chambers of commerce, universities, municipal governments, associations, NGOs and, in short, all of Navarran society. The Office’s team is made up of two people with several interns assisting each year.

The Navarre Permanent Office to the European Union is directly under the auspices of the Directorate General for External Action, which is part of the Government of Navarre Citizen Relations Department (Foral Decree 271/2019, of 30 October, which establishes the organic structure of the Department of Citizen Relations).



  • Función
    Represent Navarre before the European Union.
  • Función
    Advisory services and information related to EU policies and programmes.
  • Función
    Dissemination and promotion of EU programmes and opportunities of interest for the Foral Region of Navarre.
  • Función
    Monitor decision-making processes within European Union institutions and obtain information throughout the procedures involved with regulation enactment by these institutions as they affect the interests of the Foral Region of Navarre.
  • Función
    The active search for business and financial opportunities for the Foral Region of Navarre public and private sector.
  • Función
    Monitor the work done by the European Union Committee of the Regions.
  • Función
    Support with European semesters under the framework of the European Union Council of Ministers Autonomous Region Participation Agreement.
  • Función
    Collaboration with the Kingdom of Spain Permanent Representative to the European Union and with offices of other Spanish autonomous regions or similar institutions from other Member States set up in Brussels.

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