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Launch event of the European Innovation Council


The European Commission celebrated the inauguration of the European Innovation Council (EIC) with a virtual ceremony broadcast live and now available on Youtube. Among those attending the ceremony were innovation agencies, companies, researchers and investors. The content of the session cuts across the four areas of Navarra's S3. LThe agenda of the event can be found here.


General information

The ERC is the EU's most ambitious initiative in the field of innovation to date. A major component of the third pillar of the Horizon Europe programme and the main source of funding for European deep-tech, it will have a budget of more than €10 billion for the period 2021-2027 to support the work of researchers and innovators, helping them to translate their research results into new market opportunities through three programmes: Pathfinder, Transition to innovation and Accelerator. The support received in this regard will be co-funded: the ERC will act as a catalyst to attract private capital investment into these emerging technologies and disruptive innovation potentially leading to the creation of new deep-tech start-ups. The Commission's ambition is therefore to make the ERC the flagship of innovation in Europe.
The three main objectives of the programme are as follows:

  • Boosting the development of companies on the basis of disruptive ideas or innovation technology: it will address the famous paradox that Europe is excellent at generating scientific research with money but not so good at generating money with scientific research. It will therefore address the current funding gap for SMEs and science-based start-ups, both in the early stage and in the expansion and growth phases.
  • Change the deep-tech investment landscape in Europe: it will unify all existing national ecosystems into a single pan-European innovation community and pool venture capital from public funds and capital markets for investments in cutting-edge technologies and disruptive innovation.
  • Ensure a post-Covid-19 green and digital recovery led by deep-tech start-ups: in such a recovery, start-ups should be the protagonists of the fourth wave of innovation, also known as "Industry 4.0".

In conclusion, the ERC is a forum where companies and SMEs with innovative scientific ideas come together with the aim of expanding their business, establishing new partnerships with other stakeholders in this large pan-European research and innovation ecosystem and ultimately creating an impact on society.

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